Corsair® PSU Type 3 Cables Pinout

PSU Pinout - Corsair Type 3

 PSU Pinout Voltage - Corsair Type 3

Type 3 cables are compatible with the following Corsair® PSUs:

  • AXi (Except AX1600i)
  • HXi
  • HX (GOLD)
  • RM (previous to 2019 version)


Limited compatibility:

  • Only compatible with 24pin ATX cable:
    • AX1200
  • Only compatible with 8pin PCI-E, 4pin Power and 5pin SATA Power cables:
    • CS-M
    • CX-M
    • TX-M (GOLD & BRONZE)


ALWAYS test your cables with a multimeter or a PSU tester before connecting them to the computer components. We are not responsible for any damage occurred because of the use of our diagrams.